Good Food TV

Cause Marketing — Real Stories from Nutritionists, Teachers, Parents and Students

In collaboration with Digital WkShop for the California Department of Health we embarked on a groundbreaking initiative — Good Food TV — to interview students, parents, teachers and nutritionists to tell a story about real food from the perspective of public school students throughout California. Using a creative synthesis of video storytelling, animation, branding, and marketing we were able to foster healthy food choices and practices.

  • Cause Marketing Strategies & Design


    The use of animation is a great way to make health concepts easier to understand. We ensured that the visual elements and their relationship to the content were relevant and understandable to a wide range of audiences by simplifying complex information with visually engaging animations. This approach overcame linguistic as well as cultural barriers, creating a multilingual campaign that spoke to a large target group.

    Brand Identity:

    Creating a strong and credible brand identity was critical. We developed a strong brand which conveyed trustworthiness as well as genuine concern about local communities’ well-being. By using real people in school and home settings we were able to impart reliable and actionable  information, building confidence within our audience and giving them a point of connection.

    Social Issue Marketing:

    Integration into larger social campaigns on promoting healthy eating and lifestyles made our marketing strategy viable. By raising awareness, this technique has given room to support mobilization amongst targeted populations promoting collective responsibility.

  • Results & Impact

    The success of the Good Food TV initiative surpassed initial project goals. Positive reception and shifts in behavior and attitudes towards healthy living allowed Good Food TV to follow this format for three itterations, demonstrating how multimedia initiatives can transform education and public health. A healthier, more informed generation was our collaborative contribution to society’s well being.

    Good Food TV is a clear example of what creative design coupled with purpose driven marketing can achieve for the better. The model could be replicated elsewhere as well as scaled up which emphasizes that it takes an innovative approach in addressing health challenges found in such areas with limited resources.

  • Objective

    Promoting Healthy Eating and Life Habits among Students and Families in Underserved Communities throughout California

  • Client

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We work with interesting people doing good things.

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